Goddess Lengths Virgin Hair Extends with Web Presence

Goddess Lengths Virgin Hair recognizes that a woman’s hair enhances her beauty and expresses her individual style. The recent launch of their new website www.goddesslengths.com is helping spread the word that their business can help women have longer and more beautiful hair. User friendly and informative, the website is a valuable resource for those who want to know more about hair extensions. 

“Goddess Lengths Virgin Hair needed a website that reflected their artistic passion for style yet was also informative for customers who wanted to know more about the services Goddess Lengths offered,” stated David Crawford, CEO of web development firm U.S.NEXT. “Our team designed a website that allows viewers to gather information while at the same time getting a feel for the stylists’ craft and skill.”

The new website features photos with written descriptions and prices, hair care tips, and a page dedicated to frequently asked questions.  It also includes location information with a Google map link, an easy-to-use information request form, and a Join Now link to become a member of their VIP Program.

Goddess Lengths Virgin Hair wants all women to feel beautiful, and with the aid of their new website, they can reach more potential customers.  Website visitors can now easily find information that will help make their decision to obtain longer and more beautiful hair an easy one.