Long-time client Wesson Hardware launched a revamped e-commerce website, powered by WordPress and WooCommerce. The updated store allows shoppers to easily find products and is now mobile friendly, for shoppers on the go.

View the updated e-commerce store at

The Mississippi Board of Tax Appeals teamed up with U.S.NEXT to design and program a new website for the group. Powered by WordPress, the new site allows board staff to more quickly update content. The new site also includes an updated mobile friendly design, geared for ease of use by the public.

Visit the updated website at

Claiborne County partnered with U.S.NEXT to design and develop their first website. The mobile friendly site includes WordPress, allowing county staff to update content, such as official forms, news, and business startup information.

Visit the new website at

Rosemon Law Firm, PLLC picked U.S.NEXT to develop their first website. The mobile friendly site includes WordPress, allowing firm staff to update content. U.S.NEXT also added a custom form that exports submitters' info to the firm's CRM system.

Visit the new website at

We recently partnered with the Mississippi Public Health Association to update their website. We revised their graphics, fixed mobile display programming, enhanced SEO, and resolved accessibility issues.

View their updated website here:

U.S.NEXT is proud to announce working with long-time client Paramount Construction Group to launch an updated version of their website. The new website design is powered by the WordPress content management system, allowing our client to show off new construction projects.

Visit the new web design here:

We worked with Max Specialist to design their first website. The site is mobile friendly, and highlights their concrete and construction projects around the South.

Check out the new website here:

Pike County officials launched an updated version of their website. The new design is mobile friendly and includes an improved content management system for faster updates.

Check out the updated website here:

Fleetway Market has launched a redesigned website. The updated design is geared to drive users to their rewards program website, as well as provides an updated map to find the nearest store.

Check out their updated website here:

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