Co-located Servers


It’s all under your control with server colocation. You provide the equipment and have complete control over the software and hardware. Limited technical support is available at no cost. We provide redundant internet connectivity, backup power, and a standard IP allocation of 5 IP addresses (additional can be requested). Monitoring, extended technical assistance, OS update, and backup services are also available.

1 – 20U Half Rack (21U) Full Rack (42U)
Bandwith per Month 100GB 200GB 400GB
Monthly $79.95 (per unit) $999.95 $1,799.95
Setup $145.00 $145.00 $145.00
Daily Backup (optional) $29.95 (per server) $29.95 (per server) $29.95 (per server)
OS Update Management (optional) $29.95 (per server) $29.95 (per server) $29.95 (per server)
Technical assistance Available Available Available
Monitoring Available Available Available
Full Administration online access Yes Yes Yes
“Remote hands” and rebooting provided Yes Yes Yes
Redundant internet connection Yes Yes Yes


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