Intranet Development

An intranet is a private, secure online communication portal for businesses, departments, groups and organizations - designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of your staff. Employees can use your intranet to centralize important company information, share documents, create group schedules, announce events, view and update calendars and event/project information, etc. Here is a sampling of our Intranet projects.

You control who can access your intranet via use of individual usernames and passwords. Authorized users can log on to the intranet via your internal network or a remote internet connection. us next intranet developmentHere is a sampling of what we can include in your intranet:

  • Events calendar 
  • Forms, checklists, etc 
  • Employee roster/absenses 
  • Training videos & manuals
  • Sales prospect manager 
  • Vendor contact info
  • Employee handbook 
  • Reserve meeting rooms 
  • Department sections 
  • Informational videos
  • and more!

Click here to request more information and to take a tour of our demo intranet.