Online Bidding

Reverse Auction

The arduous and costly process of mailing and receiving formal bids will soon be a thing of the past. Online bidding is an electronic service for government agencies that uses the latest technologies to transform the procurement process into a cost-saving and efficient endeavor for both buyers and vendors.

Online bidding streamlines the bidding process and provides compliance, security, and convenience in an online network.

Some of the advantages to implementing online bidding include:


  • Quickly build and accept bids through a secure online network
  • Minimize late bids
  • Reduce incomplete or non-compliant bids
  • Reduce paper waste and expense
  • Save time and money
  • Reverse auctions help to provide a lower cost


  • Respond to bid opportunities electronically – saving time and money
  • Allows last minute price changes
  • No more depending on a carrier to deliver your bid on time
  • Prevents errors and omissions
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