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Online Fitness Info from Healthplex Performance Center

Getting an intense workout at the gym is a positive experience, but sometimes finding fitness information on your smartphone or laptop is not. With that in mind, Healthplex Performance Center is thrilled to announce the launch of their updated, redesigned website, With its cleaner, more advanced responsive design and improved search functionality, the new website is refreshed with unique mobile capabilities, allowing the user to find information quickly and easily.

?Healthplex Performance Center is not your typical big-box, membership-driven gym, so we wanted to tailor the copy, content, and design of the site to engage their target market as well as their existing members,? stated David Crawford of U.S.NEXT web development firm. ?Our goal was to develop a website that showcases Healthplex Performance Center?s wonderful facilities, personal service, and quality training.?

The new website displays a colorful layout and easy-to-navigate design, featuring drop-down menus for information on facilities, programs, what?s new, and membership sign-up.  The website also serves as an informative resource for those interested in different training modalities such as personal training, small group training, and general fitness.

With the launch of Healthplex Performance Center?s new website, making wise choices concerning one?s health and wellness needs has never been easier.