Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

No worries. No hassles. We will provision and manage a virtual server according to your needs.  Our virtual servers run on highly available server and storage platforms with built-in redundancy - so hardware failures won’t bring your server down.  We can upload your website for you, and will provide free technical support.  Our VPS offerings are designed for companies that need a server, but do not want the hassle of acquisition and maintenance.   An IP address allocation of 5 addresses is included (additional can be requested).   We can also provide a physical dedicated server for applications that require it – please contact us for additional information.

  Regular Plus Premium
Cores 1 2 4
Storage 64GB 128GB 256GB
Bandwidth per Month 100GB 150GB 200GB
Monthly $69.95 $109.95 $189.95
Setup $295.00 $295.00 $295.00
Daily Backup (optional) $29.95 $29.95 $29.95
Windows Server (optional) $30.00 $30.00 $30.00
Full Administration Server us next us next us next
Free Voice and Email Technical Support us next us next us next


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