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Mississippi Reentry Guide is New Resource for Ex-Offenders

Many obstacles face returning ex-offenders as they rejoin their families and neighborhoods after incarceration. In order to make this transition successful for ex-offenders, their families, and the communities to which they are returning, the Foundation for the Mid South, on behalf of the Mississippi Reentry Council, has recently launched a new website,, to connect people to services.

The directory includes national, state, county and city resources with the goal of being as comprehensive as possible. Information is organized and easy to find.  Under each location heading resources are arranged by topics such as housing or educational services.

?The reentry guide website is a readily available resource for all ex-offenders and those that support them,” stated David Crawford, CEO of U.S.NEXT, the website design firm hired to create the new site. ?The 24/7 accessibility of the website helps the transition process by reaching the many individuals throughout Mississippi who need this information.?

Many services and resources throughout the state of Mississippi work to make the transition process for ex-offenders as easy as possible. The Foundation of the Mid South was established to bring together the public and private sectors and focus their resources on increasing social and economic opportunity. Organizing needed information and creating a website strictly for the purpose of reentry assistance is a way the Foundation provided a helping hand to the Mississippi Reentry Council.