We've been seeing clients receive scam emails, using past message content that appears to be sent by people you've been in contact with before. Do not click any links or open any attached files, as they will download malware.

Click here for more details about these malicious emails.

Have you seen the new web design for Mississippi Public Health Association? We worked with their group to replace their design and add new WordPress tools for easier updates.

Visit the updated website at

We partnered with East Central Community College (ECCC) to program a stand-alone website for their office of admissions. The new site features a customized design and content management tools so staff can edit information for future students.

Visit the new website at

We're seeing reports of a new type of scam: official-looking requests to validate your domain name's contact information to keep it active. The From: and Reply-To: email addresses are clues that this is a scam. These emails may claim to come from ICANN; they will not send any validation request.

Do not click any links or open any attached files in these scams.

Click here for more details about this scam and how to identify them.

Add Kemper County to our growing list of government website clients. The new site features a news area, forms for residents, and information for business startups.

Visit the county's new site at

Long-time client East Central Community College (ECCC) announces the launch of their new web design. A new layout plus customized content tools were added to the college's site.

Visit the upgraded website at

We're happy to announce the launch of the first website for Smith-Woolwine, Inc. The consulting firm will be using this web design to explain their airport research and planning services, as well as to attract new business.

Visit the new website at

Tishomingo County partnered with U.S.NEXT to design and develop their first website. The mobile friendly site is powered by WordPress, allowing county staff to update content, such as official forms, news, and business startup information.

Visit the new website at

Mississippi Real Estate Commission officials launched an updated version of their website. The new design is mobile friendly and includes an improved content management system for faster updates by MREC staff.

Check out the updated website here:

Long-time client Hybrid Plastics launched a revamped website, powered by WordPress. The updated site for this chemical producer includes an updated shopping cart for industrial clients to purchase custom products.

View the updated website at